//New Skool Rules  2015

TL Cross (US)

You might not see him coming. Donning a pair of dark wing tips, jeans, a blazer and black rimmed glasses, Cross leans back in the small club booth as if he is patiently awaiting the opening act. Just as the room gets packed to capacity, the young artist floats to the stage with the poise […]

King Darwin (CAN)

“Unequivocally risky, King Darwin exudes passion and exceptionality in every musical persuit he embarks upon. Born and bred Artist King Darwin is a talented producer and prodigy of the up and coming DJ world. His skill and originality comes from his life long efforts to become successful at what he does- this started at age […]

Rass Motivated (NL)

RASS MOTIVATED, no stranger in the Dutch reggae scene, is the musical alter ego of 23yr old Rotterdam singer, Sherandell Maynard. With his ‘Reggae for All People’ state of mind this young talent has proven to be a worthy name in the line of Dutch reggaeartists. On September 11th of 2011, released his first EP, […]

Adée (SE)

Adée is a Swedish artist and producer that stands with her feet steady on the ground, mixing soul with hip-hop in a modern and creative way. Her unique voice shines through in all her creations, leaving an unforgettable imprint on the listeners musical consciousness. The last years have been successful for Adée and have given […]

Lesly Pengel (NL)

Lesly Pengel is a 12 year old Dutchman with a great passion for music. He describes music as a part of himself. At age 6 Lesly first competed in New Skool Rules of EE2 and that was his first real stage experience. A year later he kicks it to the final round in television My […]

Omri Tindal (NL)

Omri is a phenomenal singer / song writer, dancer and componist. At a young age he fell in love with music and began to pursue his dream to be a creative and acclaimed artist. ´Delighted´ (close harmony group) was his first step and then include working with international singer / songwriter and producer ´Bilal´ and […]

Atozzio (US)

Atozzio (aka Atozzio “The Hitwriter” Towns) announced a follow-up to his 2011 well-received album “The Imprint.” The forthcoming project, “The Imprint II: Evolution,” which was released to iTunes and all digital outlets on June 4 2013. The album featured 11 new original songs, including songs “T.B.A” “To The Grave” “Every Bit Of My Love” & “My […]

Affoe (NL)

‘Affoe’ is a rap formation consisting of JD (19) and Tatta (18), who met each other on the Rockacademy in Tilburg. Affoe (or Affoe Squad) originated by a lack of team members. While half a team is also more than sufficient. That’s why they took matters in their own hands. Outside of rapping they also […]

YK Gotti (CAN)

Hailing from the West Indies; Georgetown, Guyana, to be exact, YK Gotti, née Gregory Johns, grew up listening to everything from, of course, Reggae, to R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop and even Gospel music. “It all began in my early teenage childhood…Going to church with my mother, and there was an announcement that the church will be creating a Youth […]

Atlin (CAN)

A Vancouver hip hop artist with a very unique style and sound of his own, his delivery comes with truthful words and meanings for those who wish to look deep.As a solo artist who recently toured europe and has toured Canada multiple times, has been able to tour with several other large hip hop canadian […]

DJ Melody Kane (UK)

DJ Melody Kane has gained a solid reputation amongst her peers in the music industry as being one of the most professional, talented & focused female DJ’s in the UK. Her performances have been seriously tearing up sound systems, being one of the few female DJ’s who spins on vinyl, hosts herself on the Mic […]


BLAXTAR RAEN is a versatile musician and poetical lyricist who currently resides in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Surinamese-Dutch performer and label owner launched three solo albums between 2006 and 2010, starred in the platinum-selling Kyteman’s Orchestra and did a memorable collaboration with his younger brother Typhoon on his 2015 blockbuster album Lobi da Basi. With […]

Lady Shaynah (NL)

The twenty year old singer / songwriter and musician Lady Shaynah was born in Curacao and with both parents in the music business could not unlike that Shaynah would choose music. She has drawn schools by international celebrities in the music as Andro Biswane, Eddy Veldman, Tomoko Ohno, Berget Lewis and Tania Kross. She plays […]

Leanne Louise (UK)

After spending the last few years perfecting her craft, working with a range of incredible talent from all over the world and finding her niche… Artist and Songwriter Leanne Louise is an all round creative from London. With 2 EP’s already under her belt and media support from platforms such as KISS FM, Radio 1xtra, […]

Jaskelis (NL)

Jaskelis (Jasmine Kelechi Isabel Igwe) is a 22-year old singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Rotterdam. Her father is from Nigerian descent and her mother is from Finland. She tries to use her roots and life experiences as inspiration to write her songs. At the age of 11 she was one of the finalists […]


BIOGRAPHY : Author, rapper, actor, director, real “entertainer” innate; HAS just refresh rapologic French landscape. While subtle, HAS proposes a smart and funny rap that depicts perfectly a daily reality, which takes you on and takes you to an enchanted tower, armory, in Paris, or his fertile imagination and theatrical. His songs tinged with humor, […]

Skinny Malone (UK)

Skinny Malone is an artist from East London with a difference, showcasing his turbulent up bringing Skinny makes us see the “Bright Side” of life. Using witty punchlines and infectious instrumentals to “…bring you the real”. In his early life Skinny experienced the hardships of life early on, moving from London to a small suburb […]

Olivia Rite (FR)

Olivia Rite, french artist influenced by Pop, Soul and Rn’B. Her parents as sports educators but also dance teachers carried her younger in the world of music and entertainment. She started dance and voice classes and at 12 she had her first stage as a singer and from that moment she knew that music would […]

Alejo Cain (NL)

When Alejo was just a young boy he was asked the question of witch instrument he wanted to play. The answer was of course the drums so his parents chose the saxophone instead. In hindsight, loosing that argument was the best thing that could ever happen to him. For every instrument was a new friend […]

Benton Ivory (UK)

Benton Ivory is a producer, songwriter and rapper from Essex producing House, Drum & Bass & Hip Hop. He owns a fast growing music studio in his home town Chelmsford (www.studio808online.com) and his daily working life at the studio allows him to live and breathe music. www.soundcloud.com/bentonivory

Tay (US)

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Tay has seen the things that seems to have become the prerequisite to any budding rap career. Unlike many of his colleagues it as not become the sole base to his music. “I’m influenced by the world around me, both good and bad, and the people […]

Gee Wunder (CAN)

Gee Wunder has released 14 FULL-LENGTH ORIGINAL PROJECTS since 2008. The majority via his label imprint Motive Music distributed via Fontana North. *Gee is employed at Bell Media Communications Conglomerate in Toronto, Canada and is the Senior Music Video Programmer for MuchMusic, M3, MuchVibe, MuchLoud, JuiceBox and MuchRetro TV channels. All 14 of Gee Wunder’s […]

Koudijzer (NL)

Koudijzer Koudijzer aka Tyler Koudijzer is a true Rotterdam citizen. In his old neighborhood in Spijkenisse he developed his writing skills. His first spoken word performance during a Q&A with KRS-One at Roots & Routes Summerscool 2012 in Rotterdam gave Koudijzer the motivation to keep developing his spoken word skills. He started to write lyrics […]

Yila (NL)

Yila (1990, Maastricht, NL) is a rapper and beat creator who has been performing for several years with other rappers and DJ’s. He always had the urge to entertain people while showing his talent on stage. During the period that Yila was creating new song material, he couldn’t be hold back to perform at as […]

Lloyd de Meza (NL)

After his participation in the r&b-Arnhemsgewijs group is Lloyd Weser (born 11 May 1976) from 1998 solo under the name Lloyd De Meza. He delivers in 2001 contribute hit singles by Def Rhymz (Puf/schudden) and Brain power (the fourth card). He has his first solo single in december 2001 Elke Stap. He contributes to the […]

Misha Fair (US)

Misha Fair is an American singer/songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. As a youth, Misha won several songwriting contests and secured many positions on the Atlanta classical scene. She eventually secured a deal along with her group “Sass” on an indie-label based in Atlanta, GA. Misha later went on to work with a number of well established […]

Augustina Austin (NL)

Hailing from Ghana, Augustina Austin is a born multi-talent: a singer/songwriter, former beauty queen, presenter and fashion & lifestyle writer who is determined to innovate the sounds of R&B with an African appeal, labelled as a new genre called AfroLife. The artist Started dancing at young age, she discovered her first love as a singer […]

The Lytics (CAN)

In hip-hop, as in life, there are few things more important than family. And no one embodies the bonds of brotherhood better than The Lytics, the five-man Winnipeg crew whose bid for genre supremacy has long been a family affair. Quite literally, in fact: Brothers Andrew and Anthony Sannie have been trading rhymes together since […]

SonaOne (MY)

SonaOne is a Malaysian MC, Producer, Songwriter and Graffiti Artist of French-Malay parentage. His foray into the creative arts began by dabbling with the spray can and SonaOne was already an accomplished graffiti artist by the age of 12. By the age of 15 he started making beats on his computer and helping friends produce […]

A King (UK)

Alex King (A.King) is a rising British recording artist and songwriter. From the age of 10 he started writing rap lyrics, performing by his nickname ‘Wavey’, given to him by his close friends, who thought the name best suited him because of his wavy hair. “I added the E in the spelling ‘cos I feel […]

Zo-Rydah (NL)

Zoraida Newton. Born in Curacao on the 17 of August in 1977..I was raised with 2 younger sisters. Our family migrated to the beautiful island of St.maarten at a very young age , where i grew up. My mom a single parent, studied and became a peremedic , the only profession or job i have […]

Terell Safadi (CAN)

Terell Safadi, 25, is more than just your typical up and coming Canadian artist. Performing on stages *in 6 different countries* around the world gives this young artist a reason not to be taken lightly. As a young father Safadi knows how serious this world can be and prides him self on his ability to […]

iLLvibe (CAN)

iLLvibe is one of Canada’s hardest working Hip Hop artists. With more than 1000 performances internationally from Toronto to London, to Amsterdam to Paris – iLLy is known for his raspy vocal delivery and dynamic stage performance. iLLvibe began building his musical career from the ground up. Paying dues and learning the industry in the […]

Yorlenie (NL)

Yorlenie Delgado Faria is a singer/songwriter/rapper from Rotterdam,The Netherlands with a true passion for performing on stage. At a young age she showed an interest for music and singing. Her mother signed her up for several talent shows in Rotterdam. When she turned 11 her mother died of cancer. She wanted to become a nurse […]

Abstract Artform (CAN)

Abstract Artform is an award winning up-and-coming producer/rapper from Winnipeg, a city literally in the middle of Canada. His determination to represent the nation on a worldwide scale has pushed him to travel and tour, release four solo full-length projects and produce music with and for some of Canada’s and America’s greatest emcees. This project […]


SeeJay100 has been shutting down stages all over London city & as far a field as Atlanta, now the young South London rapper releases his first solo Mixtape for 2015.   Hailing from Thornton Heath he’s definitely one to look out for and is currently seen to be endorsed by a few pioneers of the game, […]


With a voice described as “gravel on silk”, Canadian songwriter, singer, and independent recording artist AHI blends the raw passion of traditional soul with the edge and innovation of indie music for a sound he calls Indie Soul. From his humble beginnings busking on the streets of Toronto, AHI has independently travelled 20,000 miles, taking […]

Call Me Unique (UK)

Call Me Unique is a singer / songwriter heavily influenced by jazz, soul and the forgotten art of jazz scat-singing. Combining these elements with modern rap, beautiful melodies and soulful, thought-provoking lyrics, delivered by a voice of breathtaking beauty over her subtle guitar arrangements, her sound truly is “unique”. Described as merging the sounds of […]

Jabran de Moore (NL)

Jabran DeMoore is a rapper/singer/producer/songwriter/spoken-word artist from Amsterdam. Influenced by artist such as Jay Z, Common, Beyonce, & Michael Jackson he means to make music that lasts. From a very young age Jabran discovered a love for the arts, and so he naturally gravitated towards creating his own. Having performed at various venues such as […]

Dr Rum (NL)

Jernaldo “Dr. Rum” Thielman, a highly energetic performer who’s known for his freestyles, tongue-twisters and amazing melodies, was born on the small Island of Sint Maarten. At the age of ten he put his skills to the test and successfully performed at an open mic, taking the first prize with him. After this he joined […]

Neda Boin (NL)

Born in a musical family, Neda discovered her love and passion for music at a young age. At age five she began, just like her mother who is professionally violin player, with playing the violin. However, singing was always her first love. So when she was eight years old she began with musical theater lessons. […]

DJ Trauma (US)

DJ Trauma is a true visionary and artist, creating, producing and spinning his unique mix of hip hop, R&B, commercial dance, and Top 40 hits for crowds across the globe. On the grind and honing his skills since 1990, DJ Trauma performs over a 150 times a year, and has amassed an enviable following. Whether […]

Quake (CAN)

The 26 year old Nova Scotia native first made a name for himself in the underground battle rap scene in his early teens, triumphantly progressing to his current breakneck beats and unadulterated lyricism. His raspy voice and raw emotion have given him a signature sound, creating a captivating listening experience for his audience. The award-winning […]

Fort Knox (US)

It is without question when Fort Knox takes the stage audiences will be captivated. He is a quintessential maven that cannot be denied. This native NY powerhouse leaves crowds wanting more. It is his unadulterated essence of positive energy; a stirring dynamic to his upbeat personality that ignites and enraptures. Currently residing in Atlanta, Fort […]

Stevie Ross (CAN)

Influenced by the likes of Grateful Dead & Jimmi Hendrix along with kanye west & Drake, Vancouver based singer/producer who is currently gearing up to release his debut project at the top of 2015. Sonically, there are clear traces of vintage soul á la Stevie Wonder & Gil Scott heron while also appealing to listeners […]

Danieal (UK)

Introducing Reggae Soul Diva Danieal, a solo songstress, who’s supported Abysinnian’s and wowed many an international stage. Her musical journey started at the tender age of 5, learning to play the piano then saxophone, to choosing to do work at MPM Studios for work experience as a teenager, her passion for music . Danieal built […]

Sayob Samra (UK)

I’m a 21 year old artist based In Birmingham. My influences range from Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Mint Condition to …Bo Saris, Justin Timberlake and Delta Rae. I love soul, that’s the deal-breaker and heart-shaker for me. My song-writing is inspired by various factors – that’s the beautiful thing about inspiration… most times, you’ve […]

Tona (CAN)

Not your average master of ceremony or MC, Tona, armed with an in depth understanding of the power and the complexity of words, and a love of Hip hop, has developed his own creative niche through aboriginal and versatile demonstrations in an era where the true art of Hip hop seems to have been lost. […]

Sharky (CAN)

There is an ancient predator stalking the oceans and seas of hip hop – Sharky the Great, aka Carcharadon Carcharius, aka Aquanova, aka Jesse Anderson is back! Sharky’s career as an entertainer started in early high school when his long time friend and producer Knowitall approached him about joining his hip hop group. For the […]

Aspektz (CAN)

Charles Morgan is a recording artist, entrepreneur, brand architect and futurist. When he isn’t producing music videos for himself, he is creating digital strategy and content for his stable of artists and brands across the globe, or giving back to at-risk youth with entertainment mentoring programs. As Aspektz, he released five projects between 2011 and […]

Blacktivity (US)

With advances in technology geography is nothing, collaboration is effortless, and worlds can and will collide. Artists can pool their talents without ever being in the same room. Such is the case for Ill-tone and Shade Cobain, or as you will come to know them…Blacktivity. There are striking similarities; both have paid their dues, honed […]

Orveo MacDonald (NL)

Orveo MacDonald, brother of singer Brace, makes himself Dance Music. He has just released his first single ´Party´ . Orveo MacDonald is known for the R & B group Ke Shaw, from the 90s, drawn by the American music label Motown. He had a Top 40 hit ´when it´s my turn´with Ray Slijngaard known of […]

Elektric (UK)

Elektric is a 22 year old artist from the midlands UK. Her music fuses old school Hip Hop and RnB with electronica backed up with accessible singer – songwriter style. Her music aims to educate, excite and embrace through her music and poetry. A unique sound in a scene full of MCs or singers Elektric’s […]

Silvia Bártolo (NL)

Silvia Bártolo was born on 19th of October 1991 in Haarlem, The Netherlands. She is a 23-year old singer/songwriter and writes Pop songs with a touch of Jazz, Blues and Reggae. Silvia Bártolo started writing songs at a young age. Writing has always been her outlet, and she adds smilingly that she especially loves how […]

Def Räädu (EST)

Def Räädu is a unique mixture of nordic climate, bumpin beats and all good things in this world. Def Räädu’s sound combines reggae, dub, trip hop, house and jazzy flavored beats with a rock steady groove. They successfully deliver tunes that are uplifting and lighthearted. Main members / producers Remi Prual and Arian Levin have […]

Natalie ” the Floacist” Stewart (UK)

The Manifestation Born in Germany to Jamaican born and British raised parents, Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Stewart is a natural. The trained actress and slam champion poet, she made her stage debut at age three. As a graduate of Richard Branson’s BRIT Performing Arts and Technology College where she earned the title of ‘Student of The […]

Shacar (US)

SHACAR aka ANDRÉ J. SMITH is a 19 year old Florida Native who started pursuing music at a young age. Formally trained as a musical theatre performer, ShaCar found his passion for expressing his self through the text of words and the sound of music through performing. He studied theatre, dance, acting, and rhyming in […]

Yuli Minguel (NL)

Yuli Minguel was born on February 19, 1978 in Heerlen, Limburg, Netherlands. In 2002, the first edition of pop idol broadcast. Yuli took out the live shows. Six years later, there was a success with a performance at the Festival Slavianski Bazar. Russian tv show was followed by 40 million people and Yuli won the […]

Dizzy (CAN)

Diz·zy ˈdizē/ (a) adjective Having or involving a sensation of spinning around and losing one’s balance. “She felt dizzy.” (b) verb To make (someone) feel unsteady, confused, or amazed. “the dizzying rate of change” From a young age, JD “Dizzy” Cutting has worked to keep his balance in a world that spins wildly around him. […]

Furlan Felter (NL)

Furlan is a musician with many talents, born and raised in Rotterdam, with his roots in Surinam. He is a vocalist, songwriter, producer, engineer and he masters various instruments. He also gives workshops to spread knowledge and share his passion for music. Furlan began his career in music as a producer and engineer, a couple […]


NFLNZ (Sander van Kleef) is a producer, songwriter and rapper from The Netherlands. Since the age of 15, he fell in love with music, making music and experimenting with it. NFLNZ has a large variety of styles, from Hip-Hop to Dubstep, R&B, Future Garage, Trap & House: he creates it and he performs it. He […]

Phakt (CAN)

For the artist known as Phakt, music is in his blood. As the grandson of Halifax University’s orchestra conductor and cousin of Canada’s most prominent opera singer, it would seem that music runs in the family of the Washington, DC native. Phakt has appeared on MUCH Music (Going Coastal) & Aux TV (Ultimate MC), and […]

Nicole Bus (NL)

Nicole Bus is a soulful singer-songwriter with a raw and authentic sound. At age eleven Nicole started writing and composing her own songs. Her music is a presentation of her believes and deepest felt emotions. Compassionate and nurturing her music manages to empower and comfort. In 2006 she performed as opening act for the American […]

Demo de Don (NL)

From a young age Demo knew he wanted to do something with media. At an early age he comes in contact with music and starts a career as rapper using the name ‘Demo de Don’. He does not hide the fact that he has been in contact with the law. In the EO documentary ‘Lost […]

Pter P (CAN)

Pter P is an artist and performer with highly refined talents rarely ever seen in someone so young. At merely 22 years of age the Ottawa, Ontario-bred rapper is in the midst of his meteoric rise to success and has an extensive repertoire of skill and ability to back it up. His wonderful lyrical ability, […]

Zanillya (NL)

It takes a lot of guts to come out of nowhere and drop an EP that immediately grabs the attention of platforms like Mad Decent, Tropicalbass.com, Neptunes and 22tracks London but that seems to be exactly what ZANILLYA has managed to achieve. This expressive young artist premiered her new Single “Wha ya want” on Noisey […]

Megan Brands (NL)

Megan Brands is native to the province of Brabant, Veghel. As 18 year old she chose America above Veghel and goes there to work as a nanny. Megan did before them with The Voice with it did previously to the talent show Idols. Meanwhile they 4 years together with the father of her son, her […]

Joe Flizzow (MY)

Over the past three years, Joe Flizzow (real name Johan Ishak) has built a reputation as one ofAsia’s leading hip-hop stars. Since the release of his award-winning English album President in 2009, the rapper has performed in various parts of the world including the US and UK as well as in countries like the Netherlands, […]

The Five (NL)

Gideon ,Cheryl ,Melissa ,Renah and Jovanny are 5 young Pop Rnb singers who go to a music school together They are also known for their creativity, diversion and ambition they officially do not form a group but they do like to sing together. Besides jovanny’s incredible voice he’s an amazing guitar player. Besides performing together […]

King Reign (CAN)

Live my life like an open-book confession… King Reign is more of the people than a ruler of people. A thoughtful storyteller wise beyond both his years and his genre, it’s no surprise to learn that Reign—an acronym for Rhyme Energy In God’s Nature—is studying film and perfecting the arts of directing and editing. He’s […]

Jamie Joseph (UK)

Jamie Joseph is an upcoming 24-year-old soul singer and songwriter from the Midlands, UK. Citing the influences of Motown and Stax Soul, Jamie brings a refreshing youthful twist to his music. Introduced to a diverse range by his music-loving dad, the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye were forever being played whilst […]

Tony Douglas (UK) / Play Entertainment/Disrupt Music

Of true African Caribbean descent, Tony Douglas came into the world bringing cultures together; born in London, his mother being from Sierra Leone and his father from Jamaica. Tony can best be described as an entertainment entrepreneur with a background that ranges from event promotion, artist/athlete advisor, promotion and management, branding consultant, networking guru, genre […]