Dele O (CA)

Dele O (CA)


In his 2rd project, independent artist Dele O offers his most realized work yet- Prodigal Son, 12 songs about Love, pain, passion and clarity.
Born to a Nigerian father and Jamaican mother, Dele O’s music, voice and songwriting have often drawn comparisons to Childish Gambino, J Cole, Drake and Chance the Rapper. Listeners will recognize Dele O’s signature 90’s R&B/21st century hip hop fusion he has coined as Hip Pop throughout the whole of Prodigal Son.
Mixed and mastered by Bryce Kaminsky, Prodigal Son’s beauty lies in the grandiose production and lush instrumentation on songs like “To the Bone”, and in the simplicity of it’s most reflective songs – “Lady” , “Yeah”, and “Reflections”.
In 2019 and again in 2022 he performed at the biggest urban music festival and conference, New Skool Rules. Music Export Canada in conjunction with FACTOR presented “Canada House”;a fresh delegation of incredible Canadian talent which included a performance by Dele O in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Dele O toured extensively in 2017 in support of his new EP titled 20/20 which was released on July 21th, 2017 through Unbound by Sound. He performed at traditional venues and creative spaces from July 28th, 2017- August 15, 2017 across Western Canada, Oregon and California. Dele O was accompanied on tour by his official DJ and New York City’s own DJ Takeova (Full bio: available upon request)

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Dele O (CA)

  • 14 May, 2023
  • 7:31pm - 7:43pm
  • Gemeente Rotterdam Hall (Worm)

Dele O (CAN)

  • 12 May, 2023
  • 10:25pm - 10:34pm