RudyNumba4 (SXM)

RudyNumba4 (SXM)


Meet RudyNumba4, the St. Maarten sensation making waves worldwide! Growing up in Middle Region, also known as “The 4,” Rudy developed a unique style that’s capturing hearts everywhere.
In 2022, he rocked “The Groove” soca competition, snagging 2nd place. The next year, he did it again, landing 3rd runner-up. But wait, Rudy is not just a soca star—he’s a hip-hop champ! In 2022, he won 2nd place at “R U Ready,” and in 2023, he took home the gold, winning 1st place.

His journey led to an amazing trip to the “New Skool Rules” hip-hop conference in Europe in May 2024. It’s a big deal, and RudyNumba4 is ready to shine even brighter! He’s not just about competitions; his hits like “Dip & Dash” and “Freaky” got everyone grooving, earning him Laser 101’s Best Local Song of 2021.

Rudy didn’t stop there. He boldly jumped into other contests like “Run the Mic” and “The Groove,” where he surprised everyone with the soca hit “ColdSweat.” Awards poured in, including Best Radio Song and People’s Choice. Laser 101 even crowned him Best Local Artist of 2021!

No matter the music, RudyNumba4 brings infectious energy and good vibes. His story is more than success; it’s about a local kid turning into a global sensation. Rudy is more than an artist; he’s your inspiration to chase dreams with passion and hard work!

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RudyNumba4 (SXM)

  • 31 May, 2024
  • 10:30pm - 10:42pm
  • De Doelen (Gemeente R’Dam Hall) Kareldoormanstraat 223, Rotterdam