SHY is a Ukrainian singer-songwriter defining her genre as indie-pop/acoustic-pop. A former
X-factor participant, she released her debut EP “Loading” back in 2018 which launched her
career as an independent artist.
Now SHY is based in Dublin and is re-establishing her music project going international with
the new English language LP “Awkward Tunes” which came out in April 2023 and landed a
number of Spotify editorial playlists like Indie (Ukraine), NMF (Hungary), Primavera Chill
(Italy), Wiosenny Chill (Poland) and others. The lead single You Don’t Think of Me got radio
plays in UK and Ireland, as well as in Eastern Europe and North America (Amazing Pop
Radio UK, Big Ear Radio, The Sound Lab, CBJ Radio, Sword Radio, Amazing Radio UK,
etc.) The release got some media attention as well, resulting in a number of interview
publications with Mystic Sons, 1883, Flex, Music Crowns, Pure Magazine and others.
Seizing all and any opportunities afforded to her, SHY’s multiple direct observations of war
and destruction is reflected in her evolved and truly authentic approach to her craft. By
embracing moments of self-reflection, love stories and light throughout dark, somber periods
of her life, the singer-songwriter is determined to celebrate simple, heartfelt and warm
In October 2023, SHY released a single Have Good Kiss in collaboration with a US producer
August Ogren recorded at the Black Mountain studio in Dublin, Ireland. The song
successfully reached 10 ‘000 streams in the first few weeks and landed multiple Spotify
playlists including Indie, Equals and New Music Friday.
With support from the Music Export Cooperation Camp, SHY recorded a feature song with
an Irish musician producer Cian O’Donoghue in December 2023.
Currently SHY is working on her new English language EP at the Button Factory Studio in
Dublin. The record will feature four songs and will be released in the summer of 2024.

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  • 2 June, 2024
  • 7:17pm - 7:29pm
  • De Doelen (FCP Hall) Schouwburgplein 52, Rotterdam