JupiterReign (CA)

JupiterReign (CA)


JupiterReign, also known as Thaydra Gray, has been surrounded by music since the beginning of her life. She began singing in her father’s church choir in Montreal, Quebec, where she grew up directed by her mother, even before she could put together full sentences. She grew up the youngest of four daughters, and through her sisters she found her deep love for RnB music. Because of her exceptional vocal gifts, commitment to her craft, and charming stage presence, she also got the opportunity to sing background vocals with the legendary Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd;and was honoured to perform a special song with gospel icon, Donny McClurkin.

After receiving a spotlight while backing up platinum award winning Canadian artist Jocelyn Alice, opportunities began to pop up. She debuted her first single “Don’t Wanna”, in the summer of 2022, which originated as a class assignment in the NSCC Music Arts program,. From there, she developed her debut EP “Intergalactic”, influenced by the sounds of Keyshia Cole, Kehlani, Summer Walker and SZA.

She is the 2023 ANSMA Rising Star of the Year award winner, as well as 3-time ANSMA nominee, including Artist of the Year and Single of the Year, 2023 Music Nova Scotia African Canadian Artist of the Year nominee and 2024 East Coast Music Association R&B/Soul Recording of the Year nominee.

Rooted in the rich traditions of R&B, her music aims to evoke emotions, tell stories, and forge connections with a diverse and passionate audience. With every note, lyric, and performance, she strives to craft a unique, sonic experience that leaves a lasting impact on the souls of those who listen. She has a profound belief in the power of music to heal, uplift, unite and tell a story.

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JupiterReign (CA)

  • 1 June, 2024
  • 9:56pm - 10:05pm
  • George Cocktails & Food, Lijnbaan 36-42, Rotterdam