On the road to …New Skool Rules presents: Troy Taylor (US)

February 11, 2018

On Feb.12th New Skool Rules and Epitome Entertainment go back on the road. Producers, writers, artists, managers and other people that are, or want to be, in the music industry  get to meet up with one of our New Skool Rules panelmembers. This time we take Grammy award winning (vocal) producer Troy Taylor once again on the Road with us.

Troy Taylor who won his Grammy for Boyz II Men, has been an extremely important force in R&B music in the last 3 decades. Not only did he discover and develop Trey Songz, he created hits for B2K, K.Michelle, Dru Hill and more recently for Kevin Ross and Elijah Blake.

Troy Taylor, loves sharing his knowledge and he will do exactly that, during his tour. Feb.12th Abbey Road institute Paris will be the first stop on this tour. Troy will do an invite open masterclass for the Abbey Road Institute students, as well as an Open Masterclass for interested people in Paris. The tour continues in Rotterdam on Feb.13th as Troy meets up with Dutch Talent who will be crafting the New Skool Rules 2018 anthem in conjunction with Troy and Prynce tha Writer.

The writingcamp for the anthem continues on Wednesday Feb.14th, while Troy also teaches a masterclass at Codarts (Conservatory of Rotterdam) in the morning and a masterclass at Conservatory of Haarlem in the late afternoon.

Thursday May 15th New Skool Rules and Troy will travel to Valencia (Spain) to share their knowledge with the students of Berklee College. Last but not least, as Troy rounds off the writing camp on May 17th, he will also be the guest speaker at Epitome Entertainment’s Industry Night. Troy will be addressing how to combine creativity with business skills.

Epitome Entertainment Boardmember Marphen Mijnals represents New Skool Rules at Sound Off Calgary, Canada

February 22, 2019

Over the years New Skool Rules has been invited to attend a lot of other music conferences to sit in panels and scout for talent for the upcoming edition for New Skool Rules. We’ve been at Tallin Music Week (Estonia)3 times, Northern Power Summit, Canadian Music Week (2 times), Break Out West (2 Times) in Canada, Nova Scotia Music Week (2 times) in Canada, Northern Touch Festival in Canada), Eurosonic (3 times), Live at Heart (Sweden). This time we’re being represented by our Boardmember Marphen Mijnals who will attend and scout at Sound Off Calgary. We’re super excited to see what talent he finds. Ofcourse he will also be networking!

More News About Grammy Award winning producer Needlz

February 20, 2019

Talking about Needlz, he also signed Exchange winner and 2 x New Skool Rules performer Nicole Bus (Dutch) to Roc Nation recently, while putting together most of her album over a span of 4 years. Nicole Bus and Needlz met, when Epitome Entertainment (the company who produces New Skool Rules amongst other projects) held auditions and picked talented creatives to be part of the anthem song for New Skool Rules 2015. Part of the prize was to be flown out to Atlanta to work with Grammy Award winning producer Needlz. So not only has Nicole been part of the Anthem, we were able to contribute to changing her live. Dope to see what can happen, when people participate in New Skool Rules.

New Skool Rules did Grammy Week 2019 in LA

February 20, 2019

The last 4 years, New Skool Rules has attended grammy week in LA. It’s always good to connect with Alumni panelmembers and maybe even more importantly to find new fresh ones. We did both!!! Can’t wait to share who will be returning to New Skool Rules. New Skool Rules 2019 will be from the 17th till the 19th of May 2019 and will return to Rotterdam.

The New Skool Rules anthem will be released on 6 April on all streaming platforms

March 31, 2018

We’re super proud to announce this year’s New Skool Rules anthem and Exchange group artists!

New Skool Rules is organized by the Epitome Entertainment foundation and each year we organize an artist Exchange program connected to the conference and festival. This year’s 6th edition of the Exchange program involved four rounds of auditions and some tough selection processes. Eventually, we selected six talented artists: one producer, four singers, and one rapper. The winning artists got to work with industry experts while writing, producing, and recording the New Skool Rules anthem, which will be performed at the opening of New Skool Rules 2018 on Friday, May 18th at 17.30 hrs.

Working with this year’s talented and diverse group of Exchange winners was Prynce Tha Writer, an Atlanta, Georgia-based songwriter and engineer, and Troy Taylor, Grammy-award winning songwriter and producer (Trey Songz) who created the beat and coached the team through the process.

The impressive group of artists that put together the 2018 New Skool Rules anthem are:


  • Sam Ouwehand: A producer and writer from Delft, Sam finds his creative calling in multilayered productions. He worked hard with the group to craft the sounds and story you’ll hear in “I Still”.
  • Bernice Christine: A Dutch singer with a light, breezy vibe and a jazzy edge that’s well-suited to the pop music she creates, Bernice has a poetic songwriting voice and brings a bright energy to her music and to the anthem.
  • FABZ Pi: Hailing from Ethiopia, FABZ Pi developed his deep love for music after moving to the Netherlands at age 16. He has been very active in the Rotterdam music scene with multiple, cross-discipline collectives while working on his own, energetic mix of old- and new-school rap. 
  • Angel D’Amor: Born in Portugal to Cape Verdean parents, Angel immigrated to the Netherlands at a young age to grow up in Rotterdam. With Angel, Cape Verdean world music, pop and soul come together in multiple languages and emotional performances.
  • Pim Bossink: A singer-songwriter from the south of the Netherlands, Pim usually makes pop music with an R&B edge. Now living in Rotterdam and studying at Codarts, he is focusing on honing his skills, especially with more commercial pop music.
  • Dasilvian Bruce: Amsterdam-based Dasilvian mixes multiple genres to arrive at a particular sound and voice all his own. A strong believer in the power of music and musicians as role models, he strives to positively touch others with his own work.


Get ready – the New Skool Rules 2018 anthem drops on April 6th on all streaming platforms!


New Skool Rules is pleased to present Breakout West as a partner

March 16, 2018

We are happy to announce that BreakOut West will join New Skool Rules in 2018 as a partner. BreakOut West works with the Western Canadian Music Alliance to promote and support artists and music across all genres from Western Canada. In 2017, New Skool Rules representatives flew out to experience BreakOut West’s conference and festival and scout talent that will be performing this year in Rotterdam. This fall, BreakOut West will be held in Kelowna, British Columbia from October 10th to the 14th.


At New Skool Rules 2018, BreakOut West will present their showcase event on Sunday, May 20th from 22.00 hrs – 23.30 hrs in BIRD Rotterdam.

New Skool Rules is pleased to present Northern Touch Festival as a partner

March 13, 2018

New Skool Rules is pleased to present Northern Touch Festival from Winnipeg, Canada as a partner for this year’s 2018 edition! With the same foundational goals of increasing visibility, providing education and facilitating connections for urban and hip hop music, this partnership feels natural to us and rooted in the same good vibes that define the new skool scene. Organizers from Northern Touch have attended the last two editions of New Skool Rules, booking talent from last year for their own festival. This summer, a New Skool Rules representative will head to Canada to scout talent at the Northern Touch Festival, held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on June 29th – July 1st, 2018.


At New Skool Rules 2018 you can enjoy the Northern Touch Festival showcase stage, highlighting affiliated artists on Saturday, May 19th, 18:30 – 20:00 hrs.