David Rey (UK)

David Rey (UK)


David Rey is a rapidly up and coming Manchester based rapper with huge potential. Raised in Hulme, Manchester after moving from London, David is gradually becoming a prominent figure in the Manchester music scene.

With an eclectic blend of influences from UK rap legends like Giggs, Youngs Teflon, and Ghetts to the narrative prowess of US icons such as J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar, David Rey brings a fusion that spans continents in the realm of hip-hop.

Having graced over 35 stages across the UK, including an electrifying international performance in Paris, David Rey has carved a niche in the scene with a magnetic stage presence that captivates audiences.

Reverberating through the airwaves, David Rey’s tracks have found a home on esteemed radio platforms such as BBC Radio 6, Unity Radio, and Reprezent Radio, solidifying a nationwide resonance.

The debut EP, “Before I Begin,” served as a testament to David Rey’s artistry, receiving resounding acclaim in Manchester and setting ablaze a sold-out listening party that showcased the EP’s immersive sonic journey.

Favoring the seamless convergence of smooth rap flows over soulful beats, David Rey effortlessly traverses between introspective lyricism and high-octane deliveries, demonstrating a versatile prowess that defies boundaries.

In a landscape where influences collide and creativity knows no limits, David Rey emerges as a force, weaving narratives that resonate universally while staying true to the roots of UK rap.

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David Rey (UK)

  • 31 May, 2024
  • 9:12pm - 9:21pm
  • De Doelen (FCP Hall) Schouwburgplein 52, Rotterdam