DJ Menace (NL)

DJ Menace (NL)


Now here’s a name to remember, DJ Menace. This charming young man from Rotterdam, started his career at the age of 15. He went to parties where DJ’s were doing their thing at the turntables. He heard different kinds of music mix together and he saw the DJ hyping up the crowd with music, this fascinated him and made him wanting to do the same. He didn’t have the money to buy equipment, so he started going to a local community centre every day after school till 10 o’clock at night practicing the turntables. He learned fast, people started noticing his skills and invited him to spin on house parties. He met dj’s who are big in the scene nowadays, like dj chuckie in the early 90’s and the partysquad in 1998 This set the base of his career. His first real gig was in club ‘Experience’ in 1998. That year he also made his radio debut at SUN FM. Some older and more experienced DJ’s saw the young DJ Menace had skills and took him under their wings. Soon he outgrow them and stood on his own. Without equipment, he needed to rely on his ability to observe the skills of other DJs. Then he cleverly copied this on the spot. This placed him well ahead of the new generation of DJ’s.

DJ Menace has managed to become not only a household name, but a heavyweight in the music industry. Performing in nightclubs in numerous countries. DJ Menace truly is one of the most talented and well known DJ in The Netherlands. His unique and captivating style has earned him regular appearances in some of the finest nightclubs and arenas in the Dutch Urban Eclectic scene. Boasting an impressive list of weekly nightclub residencies, as well as guest appearances, DJ Menace has created himself as an professional sensation with his 15+ years in the industry.
DJ Menace has become the DJ of choice with his unquestionable talent to mix and blend genres ranging from Urban to House to Eclectic and Dance Classics. His mixtape have withstood the test of time. His 100% & 200%MENACE MIXTAPE (2008/2009) and SWAGGER JACKERS The MIXTAPE #1(2012) still remain on heavy rotation after they released. These mixtapes have proven to be a breakout.
Not only is DJ Menace incredibly versatile, but also carries significant depth that can only come from a true passion for music. He has succeeded in leaving a lasting impression of wanting more. DJ Menace’s strong background and ability to create mixes that all music lovers enjoy have made him one of the most brilliant DJs in the industry.

DJ Menace has performed for a wide audiences, ranging from an audience from 500 till 10000 in Germany to some of the largest parties in Belgium, Tunisia at the ELITE Models Competition 2003 / 2004 and in Poland. DJ MENACE has had the opportunity to play for and with national stars and international superstars and celebrities, including: Trey Songs, Dmx, Da Brat, 112, Ruff Ends, Lil Jon, R. Kelly, Public Anouncement, Jagged Edge, Montell Jordan, Fatman Scoop, Bow Wow, B2K, The Beatnuts, Wu-tang Clan, Blackstreet, Busta Rhymes, Krs-1, Xzibith, 50Cent & G-unit, Ne-Yo, Serani, Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Fat Joe, Genuwine, The Outlawz, Next, Mary Mary, Horace Brown, Chuckie, David Guetta, Vato Gonzales & Mc Tjen, Afrojack, The PartySquad, Real El Canario, Quintino, Sydney Samson, Dj Panchito, DJ Mr B and many more..

Even with his extraordinary accomplishments thus far, DJ Menace strives to diffuse his talent to the next level. DJ Menace continues to explore all areas of entertainment. Since April 2011 Dj Menace has his own weekly radio show at ‘hototwenty’ called ‘The Shakedown’. He attracts many listeners with his show every saturday from 6pm till 8 pm. Every week DJ Menace has bookings in different nightclubs all over the country. Nowadays he’s also working as a producer making house music with an urban blend. In today’s society, DJ Menace surpasses the level of excellence that is demanded of DJs, all while maintaining a high degree of professionalism and a remarkable personality. The key to DJ Menace’s success has been his overwhelming passion for music combined with his never-ending desire to push himself to the highest level in every project he undertakes. DJ Menace’s unparalleled ear for music only accentuates an already phenomenal skill set. He has established himself as an unstoppable talent on the turntables with an ability to gauge a crowd like no other. He has a rare talent that ensures a musical experience that will not be forgotten. His versatility allows him to maintain his position as an industry leader, ahead of trends and styles alike. When combined with his professionalism, his ability to cater to all crowds and genuine love of performing his live appearance, DJ Menace is undeniably here to take lead and here to stay.

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DJ Menace

  • 31 May, 2024
  • 11:30pm - 11:39pm
  • De Doelen (Gemeente R’Dam Hall) Kareldoormanstraat 223, Rotterdam

Rhymes & Beats

  • 1 June, 2024
  • 7:00pm - 9:15pm
  • George Cocktails & Food, Lijnbaan 36-42, Rotterdam

Straight Barz

  • 31 May, 2024
  • 11:30pm - 1:00pm
  • Gemeente R'dam Hall