About us

Epitome Entertainment, the foundation who developed the concept New Skool Rules, has been one of the main organisations in the Netherlands, who helping develop the Dutch New Skool Scene. After 10 years of experience in the fields of concert promotion, (tour)management, production of Talent Showcases, dance competitions and development of marketing and promotional strategies for brands,  combined with extensive research,  the founders of EE2 brought together the items that led to the New Skool Rules concept.

  • New Skool music has a huge impact on today’s society, whether you live in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa or North America. New Skool Music is big business, especially in the United States, but does not always get the credits for its achievements.
  • A huge number of artists, producers, writers, recordlabels, distributors, (tourmanagers) and so on, have full-time jobs in this industry worldwide. These people want to meet each other. A lot of other music genres have global conferences like Popkomm or Midem. The New Skool Scene doesn’t have one yet. New Skool deserves its own global event. New Skool Rules will be just that.
  • The New Skool Industry is a huge market, which could become even bigger, if the interaction within Europe and between Europe and the rest of the world will intensify. New Skool Rules facilitates this process.
  • The European New Skool Scene wants to expand their horizon within Europe to develop a better infrastructure between the different countries within Europe. New Skool Rules will provide this opportunity by inviting booking-agencies, festival programmers, (radio) DJ’s, concert promoters,  and distributors from the different countries in Europe.
  • The European New Skool Scene also wants to expand their network in North America and the Caribbean. New Skool Rules will also invite booking-agencies, festival programmers, (radio) DJ’s, concert promoters and distributors from these territories.
  • The North- Americans are very interested in the European New Skool market and would love the opportunity to meet industry professionals as well as talents from different territories. New Skool Rules offers them that chance.
  • After all the research these conclusions led to a new foundation which was started in July of 2008, called the New Skool Rules foundation. Henca Maduro who came up with the concept became C.E.O.

New Skool Rules’ main objectives:

  • To open up new networks within Europe and between Europe and North America and the Caribbean and to intensify an already existing network within Europe and between Europe and North America thereby creating new business opportunities for all delegates.
  • To position the New Skool Culture as one of the main ‘lifestyle cultures’ in the world. That has to be taken seriously in a way that shows the press, non-profit organisations & companies what it consists of.
  • To create an international festival for New Skool Culture, which will offer the public a great spectacle and never before seen event, with the ‘hottest’ talent worldwide.
  • To offer the ‘New Skool/ Hip Hop Culture industry professionals’ the only worldwide seminar, where they can meet each other, do business, share knowledge, scout new talents and have a great time at the same time at an event that is specialized in ‘New Skool Culture/ Hip Hop Culture

What makes New Skool Rules unique:

  • New Skool Rules will be held in Europe in the Netherlands and is the largest European Conference that focuses on the New Skool Scene.
  • New Skool Rules is an annual international high class and high energy event, with a lot of different activities ranging from panels, a trade show, showcases, concerts and afterparties, that will bring New Skool Industry professionals and talents from all over the world together.
  • New Skool Rules will be THE spot to meet and exchange knowledge with people who live and breathe New Skool Culture from all over the world.
  • New Skool Rules will represent not only American talent and (semi-) professionals, but talent from all over the world that exists within this culture.