Apply for Showcase

New Skool Rules is a showcase festival. This means that our showcases create a platform for acts to perform for Music Industry professionals as well as regular consumers, with the focus on Industry professionals. The  showcases at New Skool Rules range from 6 -12 minutes. New Skool Rules will decide wich performance slots you will perform.

Applying to Showcase is open from Jan. 31st until March 31st 2022. Even if you have rocked our stages before or if you have been picked for the physical edition in 2020, you have to re-apply. We want to make sure everybody has the same opportunities to perform showcase at our anniversary edition.

When you apply, make sure to send us your most recent performance video. Of course, we understand that live performance opportunities have been at an all-time low, so if the video is a little older we fully understand.

The showcases performances are Oct 7th – Oct 9th. 2022