Rawmny Wildcat (pronouced Raw Money Wildcat) delivers a mix influenced by Soul and 90s Hip-Hop. Rawmny began recording during his school years in Montreal, where he grew up after relocating from Ethiopia. As he taps into a creative zone, he spits out heartfelt classics that paint a picture of where he’s coming from. On top of song-writing, he is also gifted with the skills to produce hits in the studio. Very often, he collaborates with his production partner Nabsolut, who has a special touch on beat composition. Legacy from Nature of the Beast album is one good example, which has garnered listenership from dedicated fans world-wide. Rawmny teamed up with Toronto indie label Motive Music Canada and gave us Once Upon a Life, now available for streaming on all platforms.
Even through the global pandemic and lockdowns that seem to have affected the music business due to a massive slow down in live events, this artist is unstoppable with the new releases he is putting out through out the year. Rawmny is currently working on his upcoming album WILDCAT, which is set to be released early summer 2022.

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Rawmny Wildcat (CA)

  • 9 October, 2022
  • 4:54pm - 5:03pm