New Skool Rules Exchange Audition

In preparation for the 10th Anniversary edition of Urban Music Conference and Festival New Skool Rules in 2022 Epitome Entertainment organizes an international exchange program for talented singers,rappers, songwriters and producers from the US, Europe and the Caribbean. This programme has been very successful in the past, even getting singer Nicole Bus eventually signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

Because of past success Epitome Entertainment decided to bring back the Exchange project for our 10th Anniversary edition. This will be the 6th time we will this project. The project’s goal is to find talented urban music creatives around the world.

For the Exchange programm Epitome Entertainment is looking for 5-8 talented singers, rappers, songwriters or producers worldwide. The auditions will take place in Rotterdam, Paris, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Houston and Curaçao. The talent that gets picked will be flown to the US, to work with grammy award winning producers and each other to create great new songs. One of these songs will be picked as the Anthem for New Skool Rules and will be officially released. After the recording process in the US, the talents will all be performing at the New Skool Rules conference/Festival, which will be held from the 7th-9th of October. The flights and accommodation are paid for by Epitome Entertainment. Any necessary testing will also be paid for.

The main judge is Grammy award winning producer Chris Henderson. Chris Henderson will be assisted by Epitome Entertainment. A couple of the open auditions will have extra judges.

This is how the auditions work:

  • –  Singers and rappers are asked to sing/rap acapella (without music) or unplugged with an acoustic guitar for instance.

  • –  The artist can do an original song or a cover when they’re singing but rappers are asked to do an original song. Singers and rappers perform a verse and a hook.

  • –  Songwriters and producers should play a song (verse and hook) or play just the instrumental for 1,5 min