About NSR Online

Even though we’re very excited we can FINALLY do New Skool Rules physically again in the Netherlands, we wanted to give people globally a chance to still join our 10th anniversary. Besides the actual event in Rotterdam, with workshops, panels, masterclasses and demo listening sessions, we have created a digital platform where some of the panels, workshops and masterclasses will be broadcasted live from Rotterdam. If you’re not able to come to Rotterdam and join us here, this is the solution for you to still be a part of our 10thanniversary from Oct. 7th-Oct 9th.

More info about the online programm see downstairs. 

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10:30-11:30 Workshop: Legal Basics and the 4 most common contracts in the Music Industry by Celebrity Lawyer Bob Celestin (US)
12:00-1:15 Social Media Strategy for creatives by Vanessa Cito and Dev Tejwani
1:30-2:30 The relationship between creative and manager….
2:45-3:45 How to get bookings at Festivals PART 1


12:00-1:00 Traditional Media vs (New) Social Media
1:15-2:30 Masterclass: A sound without Focus is just Noise: Masterclass by 5 x Grammy Award winning producer Focus
2:45-3:45 Music Placement: TV, Film, games and commercials, other genres
4:45-5:45 Mental Health & the Music Business


12:15-1:15 Masterclass Music production is a serious craft by Khari Cain
2:00-3:00 How technical developments can empower the music industry
3:15-4:30 Management in 2022: Managers share their experiences
5:00-6:00 What makes you succesful in the music industry? Keeping it 100%

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