Suzanne van den Dool (NL) // Sony Music Publishing

Suzanne van den Dool (NL) // Sony Music Publishing


Suzanne van den Dool serves as the Head of A&R at Sony Music Publishing, the world’s largest music publishing company. With an extensive career at major record labels Warner Music and EMI Music, Van den Dool made the transition to publishing over 13 years ago, where she now leads the A&R Benelux-team.

Sony Music Publishing boasts a diverse roster, representing a wide array of artists, songwriters, and producers including $hirak, SRNO, DYSTINCT, Tantu Beats, Yamaica, Mayyzo, Jason XM, Givano, ASHI, Kris Kross Amsterdam, S10, KATNUF, DIKKE en Yung Felix.

The role of a publisher is multifaceted, primarily focused on elevating songwriters and producers to new heights. This involves expanding their network both nationally and internationally by fostering connections with other songwriters, producers, labels, and artists. At Sony Music Publishing, we’re not just in the business of music—we’re in the business of nurturing talent and fostering creative collaborations that push boundaries and drive success.

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  • 31 May, 2024
  • 11:15am - 12:15pm
  • De Doelen (EE2 Hall) Kareldoormanstraat 223, Rotterdam