Omar Teagle (US) // Director of A&R Universal Music

Omar Teagle (US) // Director of A&R Universal Music


As a child, Omar recalls working out and playing football in his backyard in the summer heat. Constantly being pushed to the edge of breaking but always having that little extra push that kept him from quitting. Early on in life, he was taught the importance of tenacity and defeating odds no matter how clear the path. Having this little extra push has allowed him to have the strength to break down doors he would have otherwise been hesitant to walk through.
Omar received his BBA with a concentration in International business from Shenandoah University. During his college career, an award from the university’s School of Business was created specifically for him highlighting and honoring his entrepreneurial accomplishments. Omar spent his time in college not only focusing on his academics; he founded an apparel business. Enlisting the help of his close friends, they sold t-shirts and hoodies designed by Omar. Using the revenue from his apparel business, Omar reinvested the monies into curating concerts in this small town featuring big time artists such as Kevin Gates.
Starting his journey as a General Manager at Human Re-Sources Distribution Co, Omar collaborated with the CEO/founder to secure distribution deals for artists such as Brent Faiyaz and YBN Nahmir.
Currently, Omar showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and go getter attitude as an A&R Manager for Universal Music Publishing Group. Within his first year of employment, Omar closed his first big deal signing the music industry’s hottest “IT” girl Ice Spice. He also works closely with renowned producers such as Cardo Got Wings, Metro Boomin, ATL Jacob and Childish Major.
Being loved and admired by his peers for his contagious positivity and light sense of humor; Omar is often the “little extra push” we all need.

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