New Skool Rules virtual replaces physical event from the 28thuntil 30th May 2021

New Skool Rules virtual replaces physical event from the 28thuntil 30th May 2021

As always at the start of a new year, there is hope and a lot of excitement about the future ahead, leaving 2020 in the rear view mirror. However with the world still living in a pandemic and measures being increased daily in various countries throughout the world, events and social life has been brought to a standstill. The only events that are allowed in the Netherlands, the country where New Skool Rules normally takes place, are virtual events at the moment. The Netherlands is currently experiencing the heaviest lockdown so far in this Pandemic, including a 21.00 hrs (9 pm) curfew.

With this in mind, the team at Epitome Entertainment has no other choice than to turn the physical event into a virtual one as we have taken an oath to create a spectacular virtual edition of New Skool Rules. The 2nd virtual edition of New Skool Rules, which would usually take place in Rotterdam over the weekend, will be bringing an international music conference with seminars, workshops, masterclasses, networksessions, (pre-recorded) showcases, an afterparty and much more. All of this will be offered digitally. The 2nd virtual New  Skool Rules edition will also be about sharing and gaining knowledge, networking, doing business while having fun.

Make no mistake we would much rather host the physical event, but we’re confident that we are still able to provide an amazing experience for our delegates, panelmembers, sponsors and other partners at the virtual event. As New Skool Rules 2020 was the first Music Conference to go digital in 2020, we’ve gained a lot of experience and expertise during the 1st virtual edition in May of last year.

New Skool Rules is an international urban music conference and festival catering to people from over 25 countries. We’ve featured panelmembers from some of the biggest companies in the Urban Music Industry including panelmembers from Motown, Universal Music, Atlantic Records, Republic, Def Jam, Roc Nation and other. The team behind this special event is committed to creating an even better virtual experience than during the pilot virtual edition in 2020. Epitome Entertainment will be dedicated to get as close to the in person event as possible. Obviously we know that the live event experience is incomparable to a virtual experience. New Skool Rules, regardless of format, will always offer the chance to discover or get discovered. The event always features the superstars of tomorrow today. 

The second virtual New Skool Rules conference will take place from the 28th until the 30th of May 2021 and will be hosted from WORM. The admission price for a weekend pass will cost €19.99 and more information can be found on the respected social media platforms and our website.

People who have purchased a ticket for the physical event, can participate at the virtual edition free of charge and their ticket will remain valid for the first physical edition of New Skool Rules, hopefully later in the year.