Ty Plesant (US)

Ty Plesant (US)


Rapper and budding songwriter, Ty Pleasant is a creative mix of chill vibes laced with incredible energy and emotion. Her music builds an eclectic soundscape that draws listeners to a conceptual journey through her mind and heart. Ty’s unique delivery blends textures of south and west coast hip-hop, R&B, and alt pop music. Her lyrics create a thought-provoking and enjoyable element that pushes boundaries within the human psyche to show emotional journeys she has taken through recent years.

Ty, is by trade an amazing videographer who has spent much of her time working diligently behind the lens. In her efforts to highlight the best of other artists, she discovered her own knack for entertainment and began seeking her own creative path through artist development. In 2019, Ty sought out the support of producer, Professor X, BNDWTH Atlanta Studios and head of BNDWTH Artist Development and vocal coach, Misha Fair to assist in fully crafting and cultivating her sound.

Ty Pleasant seeks to tell stories of love, heartache, and living the best life the universe has to offer through infectious melodies, bold beats and purposeful lyrics. She plans to unveil her new music at the 2020 New Skool Rules Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands as an introduction to her debut project, a double release entitled Pieces of Me and Anxiety.

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