ING is a Filipino, R&B and neo-soul singer-songwriter, based in the Netherlands. Growing up with R&B, jazz and soul, her mother encouraged her to continue her path in music.
The girl who started out singing in the living room on a karaoke box with her uncles and a bottle of Jack eventually started performing on events when she was thirteen. She found her flair in songwriting later on in which she accompanies herself with a piano. Apart from music, she spends her free time on photography, literature and admiring nature itself.

TING believes in the energy of Taoism, which means her philosophical lifestyle for harmony and the warm culture of the Philippines comes back through her lyrics and will always be a part of her. TING listens a lot to Enya, Phill Collins, Mayra Andrade, Ben L’oncle Soul, Jacob Banks, YEBBA, etc. Her journey started with a lot of 70s and 80s soul sounds because of the classics that she used to sing on the karaoke box but the artist that has had a big impact in her life is Enya since her mother introduced it to her through a cassette in the car on the way to school.

TING has a unique warm soul sound in her voice and music, she can feel the emotions of the song.
It gives her the ultimate freedom to express herself with her unique soulful-storytelling songs while singing with a dynamic and comforting voice.

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