Sun-One (US)

Sun-One (US)


Originally from Connecticut, Sun-One has been writing lyrics since the age of 5 and producing music since the age of 12. Attending the Greater Hartford Arts Academy for Vocals in which awarded him a Berkeley School of Music Jazz Solo Award amongst collectively winning 3 competitions at the prestigious college in Boston Massachusetts. Also, performing with the likes of Dave Bruebeck and many other world renowned Jazz icons. In later years, Sun-One became an Apprentice of Hip Hop Icon and Pioneer Krs-One which has extended to over 12 years to this very date in which he has achieved the level of Hip Hop Minista and Organizer of the Temple of Hip Hop. Together they have toured all across the world preserving and promoting the Original intent of Hip Hop which was and still is Peace, Love, Unity, Safely having fun, Health, Awareness, and Wealth. Sun-One just recently released his debut album HIPHOP FOREVER

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Sun One (US)

  • 30 May, 2021
  • 11:06pm - 11:12pm