Steeby (NL)

Steeby (NL)


Steeby (real name Jesse Kortenschijl) is a rapper, singer and producer based in Groningen (Netherlands). Since september 2018 he has been releasing music with the hiphop collective Alumni World. In august last year he decided to take the solo route and with that decision he dropped his first solo EP called ‘Betere Dagen’. The EP released during the time of one week and with every track released, there was also a videoclip. In octover 2020 Steeby decided to form a band to play the EP on live venues, but unfortunately due to COVID-19 there hasn’t been a change to play live yet. The focus for this year is a monthly release and completing the year 2021 with a new EP, which will see light in december.

You can describe Steeby’s music as a fusion of hiphop, jazz & funk. In his lyrics the power of humans are central, at which personal experiences are transformed to life lessons and he combines Groningense sobriety with philosophy.

On his Instagram he posts new verses and videos every other week on his ‘Sunday Sessions’ so make sure you follow him there for new music and updates! (@steebysteezy)

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Urban House Groningen presents Steeby (NL)

  • 29 May, 2021
  • 2:08pm - 2:14pm