Shkodra Elektronike (IT)

Shkodra Elektronike (IT)


“Shkodra Elektronike” are Kole Laca and Beatriçe Gjergji, an Albanian music duo based in Italy.
Kole Laca has been member of several Italian bands (among others Il Teatro Degli Orrori, 2Pigeons);collaborator, as keyboardist or producer, with various artists throughout Europe (among others Roy Paci, Afterhours, Mezzosangue, Miro, Jino Touche), and author of music for the theater with witch has won important international awards (among others XIX International Puppet Theaters ‘Festival Meetings 2012’ city of Torun, Poland).
In 2019, with the singer Beatriçe Gjergji, they founded the band Shkodra Elektronike.
Their music is an electronic reinterpretation of the traditional music of their hometown – Shkoder.
The project started as a live performing act. They performed in many important events: opening of the Albania/Kosovo Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennale;opening of the personal exhibition in Tirana of the contemporary artist Adrian Paci;Zā Fest IV;the inauguration of Autostrada Biennale Hangar in Prizren (Kosovo);as well as in several music clubs in Italy and Albania.
In 2020, do to the pandemic situation, they stopped performing live and started releasing singles:
– “Ku E Gjeta Vedin”, an original song with witch they won a jury special prize at “Lule Borë festival”
– “Synin si qershia”, a traditional self released song
– “Turtulleshë”, a traditional song released by the label AltOrient
– “Live@Uzina”, an EP with 4 songs + 1 Rmx by Valeron, released by AltOrient on March 2022
In 2021 they composed the song “E Jemja Nuse”, performed by the Albanian singer “Rezarta Smaja”, with witch she won the third prize at the 60th edition of “Festivali I Kengës”, the most important music contest in Albania.
In 2022 has been selected, with other 11 artists, as part of the project “Most, Balkan music export”.
From this year they are in the rooster of “Balkan Word Music Management”.

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Shkodra Elektronike (DE)

  • 7 October, 2022
  • 11:23pm - 11:35pm