Rizzo G.U.N. (US)

Rizzo G.U.N. (US)


Rizzo G.U.N.’s music is as expansive as his background & for him, it’s more than just rapping, it’s about entertaining.
The acronym G.U.N. stands for “Get Up Now” & is a way to motivate others to chase their dreams. Musically, Rizzo’s sound consists of the three culture he represents, born in NY, to Caribbean parents, & raised in ATL. He effortlessly blends the Caribbean cadences with the laid back east coast appeal. With every release, Rizzo makes clear how expansive the genre of “Trap Soca” is & how far it can go!

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Rizzo Gun (US)

  • 9 October, 2022
  • 4:01pm - 4:10pm