Red-A (NL)

Red-A (NL)


Red-A started rapping at the age of 15, but music has always been a part of him. In his childhood growing up with the music of Michael Jackson and James Brown and pop music in the 80s and 90s.

Ever since he got a chance to record himself he started developing his style. Making beats and rapping over it with the most minimal equipment. In 2003 he started freestyling in his neighbourhood youth spot, this changed quickly into rap-battles where he won several moments and also presented them.
2003 was all about performing, taking every open mic opportunities he could find, this made him get used to performing.

And even won De Grote Prijs van Rotterdam during the R’Uit Dagen in Rotterdam September of 2003.

He joined The Bombasquad until 2006 and got a real taste of the music industry.

In 2011 Red-A started a YouTube show named “Red-A Sweet Sixteen” where every week you could see him and his fellow rap colleagues perform their 16, he did this for 3 seasons.

Red-A released “Zomerse Sfeer” in 2014, followed by “Vogelvrij” in 2017 which can be heard on all streaming platforms.

2022 will be the year Red-A will return with a new style, and will release his first EP project and can’t wait to show this to the world.

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Red A (NL)

  • 9 October, 2022
  • 3:25pm - 3:34pm