Patrick van Thijn (NL) // The Back Office

Patrick van Thijn (NL) // The Back Office


‘Experience is the teacher of all things’. Patrick van Thijn made his entry into the hip-hop world in the ’80’s as a mixtape-creator and manager of local hip-hop acts. In years after he expanded his horizons and worked at various independent and major records labels, working with artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Michael Jackson, Craig David, Jennifer Lopez and Coldplay. At the start of the millennium he founded his own independent label and management company, Glam Slam, which was the home of happy pop phenomenon CH!PZ, grossing 11 no.1 hits across the globe. From there his broad and international experience led him to teaming up with artists and music enterprises like Within Temptation, Sorted Management (Hardwell), Bravoure Music, Vocal Kitchen, Wilde Westen, Zonamo Underground and many others. Later in is his career he served as a bona fide translator and connector between the music and tech industry for FUGA, a global high-end music distribution and service company. With his recent venture, The Back Office, Patrick combines his knowledge and experience to help independent labels, artists and managers with digital distribution-solutions, artist & label services and consultancy. ‘When I first started my own company, I had no one to ask questions to or to fall back on. That’s what The Back Office is all about. Providing products, support and advice to a new generation of independent entrepreneurs. Your music, your story, your control. Our back-up’.

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Panel: Digital Distribution

  • 29 May, 2021
  • 1:15pm - 2:15pm
  • VSB Fonds Hall