Myer Clarity (CA)

Myer Clarity (CA)


Myer Clarity, 27, is a Toronto producer, songwriter and hip-hop artist. His blend of jazz, grunge and hip-hop combined with his sad raspy storytelling has gained him dedicated fanbases of likeminded moody listeners all over.
Born in Montreal to a French-Canadian mother and Jewish father, Myer recording at age 12, after his neighbour Sagi (NL5) brought him to his first studio. Booking sessions with his lunch money, Myer began learning audio engineering.

As a teen, Myer released 5 EPs until his first break in 2012, when his single “Meet Me @ The Park” abruptly sky-rocketed to 30K views after making a name globally his energetic live performance.

He moved to Toronto shortly after to debut his album B.Y.O.B [2015]. It peaked at #9 on the CMJ charts earning him CUT nominations for ‘Best Rap Single’ and ‘Best Rap Album’. The album caught the ear of Toronto label Heavy Aux / Fontana North, which signed Myer to a partnership deal shortly after.

He produced the collaborative “We Are The Aliens” [2017], and two solo albums “Not All Heroes Wear Capes Pt. 1 & 2” [2018 – 2019] which boasted three 15K singles on Spotify and cameos from Down With Webster’s Camm Hunter and Classified protege Kayo.

Myer admitted his struggles with alcohol and went to his first AA meeting, June of 2018. He hasn’t touched a drop since and talks openly about his recovery. His new found focus allowed him to rediscover jazz piano, while producing all of Heavy Aux’s catalogue from 2018-2019, before leaving the label to pursue a solo career.

The rapper turned singer wasted no time introducing his new melancholic persona with his latest single “LOVE ME WHEN i’M HiGH” [Dec 2019] which features a more polished Myer Clarity.

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