Laila Khatiri (NL) // FunX

Laila Khatiri (NL) // FunX


When asked how Laila Khatiri (29) got to where she is now, her answer is very short, but powerful: ‘Perseverance’. Her primary school teacher also agreed. Despite a low Cito score, he reassured her with the words ‘You will be fine’. With an HBO diploma in her pocket and a job as a video journalist / documentary maker at FunX, she not only devises interesting formats, she also carries it out independently. For example: the successful YouTube series ‘Het Pleintje Van’, of which this episode for which she spoke to Ajax player Naci Ünüvar, was recently trending on YouTube. She also spoke to other well-known top footballers such as Steven Bergwijn and Mohammed Ihattaren in the ‘square’ where it all started for them. And she recently made the documentary ’10 Years of Broederliefde, which premiered on NPO3.

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Hoe werkt het bij FunX? (Dutch Spoken)

  • 29 May, 2021
  • 12:30pm - 1:45pm
  • Fonds Cultuur Participatie Hall