L.A. N8v (US)

L.A. N8v (US)


Simplicity is genius. Great artists can make the ostensibly impossible seem effortless. It’s in this rarefied air where you’ll find L.A. N8v, constantly conjuring fresh innovations out of a tried-and-true formula. As a resident of the predominantly immigrant neighborhoods of Los Angeles, L.A. N8v takes you on a musical journey through rhymes, rhythm, and sounds of Los Angeles Neighborhoods.

L.A. N8v can be defined by his immaculate sound on beats, rhymes, professionalism and confident stage presences.

L.A. N8v’s vision is to create a safe and vibrant environment for the communities of Los Angeles to explore multiple aspects of hip-hop. For years L.A. N8v has been working with a Non-Profit Org. by the acronym J.U.i.C.E. that stands for (Justice By Uniting in Creative Energy)., which has been promoting social-justice in the form of hip-hop to help defer at-risk youth from street violence. L.A. N8v’s role as the “Beats & Rhymes” Facilitator has made an outstanding impact on at-risk youth

wanting to learn the fundamentals of HipHop’s four elements.

In the past few years, L.A. N8v has been interviewed by various local and international entities ranging from

ch.36 public access tv, LATV, Redbull, OGHUSKEYRADIO, and Uruguay’s top-rated News source.

L.A. N8v’s most recent release is a glimpse into his persona, mindset, and techniques on both the digital workstations and stand-alone Beat machines.

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