Transgender pop artist KYARA makes a bold & powerful statement empowering all feminine figures. She is all about a new take on girl power, including all kinds of women, whatever form they come in. In her music video “WALK” KYARA calls her Femme Gang together to help her celebrate the NEW WOMAN, including a cast of trans women, plus size women, women with diverse skin tones, as well as, feminine boys.
The Dutch singer, songwriter and dancer stands up for a beautiful diverse group of women who are too often seen as misfits or outcasts by society. These figures have historically been left out of the media or misrepresented. KYARA is part of the new era. It is the time for the new narrative of womanhood. Her intention is to give confidence to the people who need it the most and to create visibility for women who are usually not seen.

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Showcase by Kyara Harley

  • 29 May, 2020
  • 9:30pm - 9:40pm
  • Location: WORM