Joan Biekman (NL) // UCWB

Joan Biekman (NL) // UCWB


Joan Biekman, born in the Schilderswijk and raised in the Laakkwartier in The Hague. I am
since 2017 cultural participation advisor Urban at CultuurSchakel in The Hague. I’m already making
been part of the General Urban Arts Platform in The Hague for over three years, a platform that is
makes a strong case for the visibility and stage space of hip-hop, R&B and urban creatives van
The Hague. Together with pop stage PAARD I have been organizing The Hague hip hop and for over 4 years
urban network meeting Meet The Urban Pros, which won the Popradar pop prize in 2020
for ‘Best Hague Initiative’.

I am also the founder of the platform and streetwear brand Urban Chicks With
Brains and organizer of the networking, meeting
and inspiration events Inspire To
Move (Women) Up.

From a great love for hip-hop and great commitment to
youth participation I have worked myself up as a professional within the arts and
cultural sector. My start working within the professional sector of hip-hop started at
the radio station Juize.FM (part of Radio 538),, and later as a radio
DJ/maker at Hot-O-Twenty and Stanvaste Radio. Since 2016, The Hague has been offering more and more
opportunities for young entrepreneurs and makers within hip-hop music and urban culture. Already
For more than 10 years

I am committed to, among other things, strengthening and integrating
hip-hop music and urban culture in the arts and culture sector in The Hague.
And I am also committed to the position of black women through positive imagery
to improve. In 2019 I focused on The Hague and the surrounding area, because I think that’s in it
this city also has inspiring and local influencers. At the end of November 2019 I am
started organizing Inspire To Move Up: Young Excellence, a mixer for
excellent young professionals with a bi-cultural background from The Hague and surroundings.
Since 2019 I have been organizing Inspire To Move on and around March 8 International Women’s Day
Women: Black Girl Magic (2019), Inspire To Move Women: Health & Wealth (2020), Inspire
To Move Up: Women in Music (2020), Inspire To Move Women: Hustl€ & Impact (2021) with
the focus on promoting the economic, social and societal position of the
Hague African diaspora.

By organizing my own events and giving people a stage that is on me
I can show the beautiful sides of The Hague that are hidden treasures for many!
Plus in 2020 I launched my consultancy agency Urban Creatives With Brains to develop my
knowledge in the field of diversity, hip-hop and urban culture and youth participation as well
expand outside The Hague.

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Hoe zorgt de Urban Sector samen met beleidsmedewerkers en talentontwikkelaars voor de perfecte talentontwikkelingstrap

  • 12 May, 2023
  • 11:15am - 12:15pm
  • VSB Fonds Hall (Slash Gallery)