Good Eats (US)

Good Eats (US)


These East Los Angeles musicians are able to expertly fuse jazzy hip hop sounds with a west coast soul. The MCs Jimmy, Ald, & Hobbes strive to provide a personalized brand of locavore fanfare. Local rhymes with a classic pairing of in-season musicality.
The Eastern Los Angeles collective recently expanded their fan base by making a few appearances at the monthly showcase – Bananas in Leimert Park. Making the rounds through several college campus shows and various Los Angeles venue appearances. In December of 2018 Good Eats released their self titled 11 track extended play.

Good Eats is currently working on an extended play with a live band in tow.

Most recently, Good Eats has worked and defined their prowess through a recent collaborative effort with Blu – the “Below the Heavens” rapper who is heavily influential and renowned within the hip hop community. Also, on the same debut EP, they’ve cultivated rhymes in a direct collaboration with Jinsang, an emerging hip hop producer. With this, they were able to amass 100,000+ streams via soundcloud.

Whether it be through polished live band shows or freestyle cyphers, Good Eats remains willing and able to serve up the music that moves you.

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