Ekaterina Bazhanova (RU)

Ekaterina Bazhanova (RU)


Ekaterina Bazhanova is one of the best independent artist managers in Russia. Her experience varies from TV-show production to artist management and being in entertainment industry nearly 10 years she knows how to get a project done to the last detail. She started her career in one of the biggest event agencies in Moscow as a booker for foreign artists and an international projects manager. Since 2010 she became an independent artist manager, worked with Yuar, Tesla Boy, Poko Cox, On-The-Go, НААДЯ, Sirotkin and Jekka.

Ekaterina has a PhD Degree in Economics, her research covered different aspects of cultural life organization in big cities. She consults state agencies and corporations on how to use music as part of communication strategy; organizes concerts, festivals and city events.

In 2015 Ekaterina founded Music Development Russia – a 360 company providing services in different areas of music business. MDR key activities are artist development, music business consulting, publishing, events and music export.

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