DorisJennifer (NL)

DorisJennifer (NL)


DorisJennifer is involved with music on a daily basis, because music gives her energy and peace at the same time and she can express her emotions in it. She sings and accompanies herself on the piano. She is also in a cover band Messy Words and she is working on her own songs. She thinks Music is special, because it is a wonderful way to affect people and to connect people

Wherever you live, there is music everywhere. Making music gives her relaxation and she has been doing this since childhood. That is why she also enjoys making music and she likes to pass this on to others. In addition, she would like to let people hear her own music, so that they can enjoy it or get a certain feeling from it.
DorisJennifer views her career positively. Having the certainty to create opportunities with her music and to make a living from it is a big word, but it is her aim.

Happiness is very important to DorisJennifer and she finds her happiness in music. Despite adversity, she finds herself again in writing and making music. DorisJennifer’s biggest dream is to help, inspire and make people happy through her music.

in this act she mainly wants to sing her own r&b songs together with a DJ in the background so that she can fully focus on her singing and emotion.

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Doris Jenifer (NL)

  • 7 October, 2022
  • 7:45pm - 7:54pm