Crown (US)

Crown (US)


There’s nothing ordinary about Crown.
The Florida native has a sound that’s unique to his own. It’s confident and charismatic, effortlessly lacing together mainstream music with what is often defined as “socially conscious” lyricism that enables him to command the respect of both underground and mainstream circles alike.

His bars set the bar, and his versatility has carried him to stages throughout Florida to Los Angeles and the legendary S.O.B.s in New York. In 2019 he performed at A3C Festival as a “This Is My Year” artist, and was recently selected as the 2019 Rap Plug and Reebok ambassador.

Without much talking the city has spoken for him and claimed Crown king. The 2018 release of The June Tape mixtape proved that he could deliver exceptional music time and time again, landing him radio placement for singles “Derek Jeter”, “Toni Braxton” and “Wealth” on Daytona’s Hot 94.1 and an appearance on Orlando’s 104.5 The Beat. His first single “I Know” (2014) also caught the ears of DJs and influencers alike and played on radio stations throughout the south.

Drive through Daytona Beach and you’re likely to spot t-shirts and hoodies with the words “Shop Open” etched across the front. It’s more than just a brand. It’s an ode to entrepreneurs and a movement rooted in the belief that true collaboration provides the freedom to do what you love and the opportunity to monetize your passion. In 2016 as an extension of the brand Crown released the Shop Open mixtape, where dope tracks and eye-catching visuals with underlying messages come to life.

With his ear to the streets, Crown is bringing an innovative sound that reflects years of honing his craft. It’s safe to say that he’s no longer considered a rising artist, he’s already here, and he’s destined to leave a legacy that reflects the weight of his name.

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