Andrew Adon (NL)

Andrew Adon (NL)


Andrew Adon is a Dutch eclectic DJ and producer. He was born and brought up in the Netherlands and he realized his love and passion for music quite soon. He started DJing and producing at the early stage of 14. While winning several DJ contests, he further developed his skills and his music career geared up when he began playing in one of the biggest clubs of Holland. When he turned 18, he became a resident of the biggest club in Spain and in France the very next year.
However, his hunger to learn and improve didn’t cease. In the following years, he proved he was competent enough to play as a resident in one of Rotterdam’s hotspots, after only starting there as a light-jockey. At the age of 22, he left for a new adventure in Greece where he played for several months as a resident. After performing successfully in different countries and clubs, Andrew decided to start composing songs. With so much to learn and gain inspiration from, Andrew is on a journey to accomplish all of his dreams.

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DJ Andrew Adon Closes down New Skool Rules Online

  • 31 May, 2020
  • 10:10pm - 11:00pm