QBeast (NL)

QBeast (NL)


Qbeast has a great sense of music from an early age. Either way, he was always into music.

He always had deep interest into music all and always wanted to make his own music. At 13, he got his own laptop and a new world opened up for him. No time wasted, he dived right into beginning of making his own music.

Qbeast is now 21 years old, is his own producer and writes his own lyrics.His lyrics are often very melodic, sensitive and dynamic. His styles are comparable to: trap, R&B, moombahton, lo-fi/funk/disco &new wave.He likes to be unique and gives everything his own twist.

Qbeast would like to open new doors in the Dutch music industry. And because of his different styles, deep lyrics and unique beats, he has a wide range and wants to touch and inspire many people.

That is why he ensures that his music always remains unique and his lyrics are often deep or sensitive.
When you listen to his music, you hear and feel his sound right away. That’s what makes him so special.

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Urban House Groningen presents Qbeast (NL)

  • 29 May, 2021
  • 12:10pm - 12:16pm