2SEC isn’t just alive, they live and they experience life intentionally everyday. That is why everywhere they go, people fall in love with the energy and want to be around it and connect to it. It’s the ability to live life to the fullest regardless of what’s thrown at you. Something many don’t know exists or just don’t believe they’re supposed to do.

“Regardless, that’s what our brand represents and that’s what we’re going to teach the rest of the world through our music, fashion and lifestyle. We want our brand to serve as a guide for many around us and we want to use our gifts as a channel to push this out of Nigeria and to the rest of the world”.

2SEC is a nation in two bodies, two African kings. So even though they’re inspired by a wide range of cultures from around the world, their roots always serve as the foundation of everything they create. The duo represent the richness and modernity of Nigeria and Africa as a whole and this is part of what makes them stand out from everyone else.

„In the end, we want to continue what those before us have started. Connecting Africa back to the rest of the world permanently. Back home to where it all began. Not just Africans but as a people centered in unity.”

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2SecTwins (NI)

  • 8 October, 2022
  • 11:37pm - 11:46pm