HE’S A PLATINUM HIT MAKER. HE’S A FATHER, HE’S A WRITER, HE’S A MUSICIAN, HE’S A VOCAL ARRANGING GENIUS, HE’S AN ENTREPRENEUR, HE’S SUPER PRODUCER TROY TAYLOR. View Troy’s complete discography! Troy Taylor has surpassed the title of a beat maker and has strategically moved beyond the title of producer. In fact, when Taylor describes his remarkable craft, he states, “I’m best known for my vocal arrangements, that’s really my signature.” It is because of his musical expertise that Taylor has joined the upper echelon of producers and can now be classified as a “super producer.” What separates Taylor from others is his natural ability to not just make a beat and sell it, but to really get to know the artists. He studies their work and in many cases, comes up with the overall concept of the song, the hook, and even coordinates collaborations, which makes this musical guru what some might refer to as “a music director” following in the footsteps of his late grandfather. Taylor was born and bred in suburban New Haven, Connecticut, into a family of talented musicians, resulting in his exposure to music at a very early age. His grandfather was a gospel music director, and his father was a talented jazz musician. Taylor has a love for music that dates back to his childhood years, but it wasn’t until the age of 14, that he began tapping into the music world. He started by singing in local talent shows and then moved on to playing keyboards and learning how to listen and understand music. Taylor’s ear for music and his natural ability to gain people’s attention enabled him to make great strides in his career. Taylor graduated from Hartford Conservatory School in 1988, with a degree in jazz theory and record production. Shortly after, in 1989, he was blessed with the opportunity to meet Motown Record music executive, Timmy Regisford. Regisford was instrumental in Taylor’s landing a solo artist deal at Motown and continued to offer him guidance along the way. In the midst of working on his album, Taylor had a revelation and decided to change career paths. He took a more behind-the-scenes position; one that he felt would offer greater longevity along with more creative control. Proving himself to be correct, two of Taylor’s debut songs, “Little Things” and “Your Love,” were placed on Boyz II Men’s debut album, “Cooley High Harmony,” which sold over 12 million copies and the 2nd album “II” which sold over 20 million world wide. Over 15 years ago, while attending a church convention in Florida, Taylor then 17 stumbled upon a gentleman who happened to be an aspiring singer. That gentleman later went on to become Bad Boys king of R&B, Mr. Carl Thomas. They developed a friendship that provided Taylor the opportunity to work closely with Thomas, teaching him the fundamentals of recording which gave him the skills that would result in 2 million sold of his debut album. In 2000, Taylor won ASCAP’s R&B and Pop Music Award and a Grammy nomination for the production of Tyrese’s hit single, “Sweet Lady,” which was co-written by successful songwriter and little brother, Johnta, “The Tunesmith” Austin, (also one of Taylor’s protégé’s). Johnta also put his stamp on other hits with artists such as Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Ginuwine, Joe, Trey Songz and many more. As an entrepreneur, Taylor formed his own production company several years ago, Songbook Entertainment. He’s also working on new artist and most recent addition to his camp, Trey Songz, who first signed to Songbook and then landed a deal at Atlantic Records in 2003. Starting with the break through album “Gotta Make It” to the sophomore album “Trey Day” But it wouldn’t be til the album “READY” that Trey Songz would become the 2009 BET Best R&B Male artist of the year. Now on the 5th project “CHAPTER V” Trey Songz has now officially “made it”

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