Tale the Rapper is an artist and producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been compared to artists like Logic, Russ, Eminem, and Joyner Lucas.

The style differs between each new track and it’s clear that Tale the Rapper is influenced by various genres.

Tale the Rapper has been on many stages around the world performing his music. He was also the artist who, when Hopsin came to Stockholm, got to share the stage with Hopsin and perform mid-set.

He has been featured on Swedish national radio stations on several occasions as well as performing live on air twice. One of his biggest singles has been the song All Out featuring The Jokerr, an American rapper, which is available on all streaming platforms.

Tale the Rapper is technical in his raps, melodical, lyrical and always on point.

Right now he is in the studio working on his upcoming full length album “Stick 2 the plan” which will be released in January 2019. It will consist of 12 songs produced by Tale the Rapper himself.

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