Hip hop music is expression of self, simultaneous it is simply fun. Soul Providers, Mighty Muds and Vicious Vile, embody the true essence of what hip hop music was, and what it should be. Muds One, song engineer and newly found lyricist, has been the ear of Soul Providers since the very beginning, deciding ultimately the sound of the duo. Vile is the experienced writer of the two, with more intricately designed rhyme patterns. Soul Providers demonstrate that there is not greater state of being, than being yourself.

The childhood friends, both South Gate CA natives, have known one another since the age of 5 and were even introduced to Hip Hop together. The bond they share explains the chemistry displayed between the two, both on stage and in the sound booth. Although the pair grew up together in the same neighborhood, their style of writing is a juxtaposition. Mighty Muds tends to keep it simple, effortlessly displaying style and comfortability, on the other side of the spectrum, Vile is a in-depth writer, even going as far as studying the English language and literature. The two come together as Soul Providers with the goal of uniting people through music, while being true to themselves in the process. Soul Providers continue to make it cool to be a good person, one song at a time.

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