Fereaux is an artist with an enormous passion for music. For him it’s pure art to use his thoughts to put some words down that have a connection with what is going on in his environment. This is something he can’t stop doing because it’s addictive and because there are so many things he wants to say and get out there. Eventhough he has been here for some time he actually started doing this seriously since 2014. In 2017 he launched his first two singles ( For The Money and Black Rose ) In 2018 he dropped his third single ( Iz U Wit Me? ) which lead to an 8 track EP called “Don’t Check Your Mail On Fridays” together with the visuals for the titletrack ”Fridays” that saw the light on august the 28th 2018. Now that he’s done with the EP he’s visiting several radiostations, doing spitsessions and performances at different clubs in the city of amsterdam. He got his eyes set on countrys like london, america, germany and many more.

Where can you find me?

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