Musician, painter, poet, actor, choreographer and dancer. Creator of the musical style called: “Electro Funk Cachullapi Rap Mambo Espacial San Juanito” which is an attempt to mix several enduring Latin American rhythms with the infinite labyrinth languages of Hip Hop and Rap.

His first musical groups were: Punto de Encaje and la Rapbia. He is a founding leader of the Hip Hop band 38quenojuega and the Breakdance group the Space Monkeys. As an Mc, Bboy and graffiti artist, Equis has been working on the experimentation of these disciplines since the mid-90s and is a pioneer in the Ecuadorian Hip Hop scene.

Being the son of the famous Ecuadorian dancer Wilson Pico, he was always linked to the art and the language of Dance and Theater, living between montages of works, preparing costumes and playing among corridors of great theaters. He has received countless dance and theater workshops with great masters such as Eugenio Barba del Odin Teatret of Denmark and Santiago García of the Candelaria Theater of Colombia among others. With this he has managed to merge several elements in his work, giving his musical presentations a unique theatrical element rarely seen in modern Hip-Hop. “Each concert is a ritual,” explains Equis, who delivers his soul at each show. “Everyone has an important role on the stage and that generates a dialogue with the audience that is also part of this art ritual.”

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