WHITE AND WILD MEETS BLACK AND MILD. ZacMac and Gordo Kai or (EquallyOpposite) are two small town country boys from Charlottesville Virginia. The two met in 2014 thanks to a very awkward accident and started there journey in 2015. Though still building slowly, They have accomplished a little more than most expected in such a short time on their own. Whether performing locally, out of state festivals or out of the country they have managed to make an impact wherever they touchdown. Both coming from two completely different backgrounds, Thier lyrics are fun, yet quirky, dark, yet conscious, at the same time mistaken not to be.Their sound can be a fusion between alternative rock, jazz, trap, electric soul, R&B, EDM or Future Bass. They have been compared to odd future, with mix of Outkast and tech n9ne. Its interesting to see what these two come up with next in the future as they bring the White and wild meets Black and Mild. Be sure to check there up and coming project Siinergii!

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