The 26-year-old Yasmine Robleh, better known as Yazmine Blue have always been fascinated by music from a young age. Raised by different plates of Escape to New Edition, by Nsync to R Kelly and 2Face’s up to Beenie Man everything was played at Yasmine home.As a result, Yasmine created a love for music at a young age. That love for music continued to grow especially after the arrival of Afrobeats in Netherlands. Yazmine also developed her love for the U.K.scene. After long years and many bad excuses Yazmine had decided to finally learn to DJ. At October 2017, she finally began her dream. Despite that Yazmine listen alot to oldskool music,that isn’t the only thing you can expect in her set. She brings a refreshing sound that you’re guaranteed enjoy! Yazmine Blue might be still an unknown name  for you, but after her set she’s not so quickly forgotten.

– when words fail music speaks

Where can you find me?

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