Chris Bennett is a Canadian hip hop artist born in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada).The MC has been turning heads as of late being most recognized for his ability to capture an audience with his charisma and composing cutting edge music. Chris began rapping at the age of 15 where he would cipher at school and house parties as a hobby. He would rap to himself on his way home from school becoming obsessed with rap not knowing what would become of it. As he got older Chris began taking music more seriously. Under the moniker “Shameless”, Chris and his colleagues formed a group named “FlowBusters”. With the group Chris opened for Abstract Artform on his “Breaking the Ice” Canada wide tour in 2009. Being no stranger to performing on stage Chris garnered enough buzz to headline his own show (Ruckus in the Rouge), which he planned and organized, it sold out when Chris was just 17 years old. After sometime Chris left the group to pursue a solo career and inked a deal with Ol’Roy Records. Chris wasn’t only a rapper but he was also involved in football at a young age. Around the same time that Chris signed a contract with Ol’Roy Records, he was recruited to Team Manitoba. Football was his number one passion until he injured his knee permanently during a game. After being told football would never be the same again, music became his number one priority. Chris left Ol’Roy Records in means of finding himself creatively with his music. Since then it’s been nothing but scrutiny for the up and coming MC performing in over 10 shows and being active on the radio all without a debut record or single. Chris is known for his relentless energy during live performances; his deep yet entertaining subject matter; and his ability to network effectively, having ties with EMB, Ol’Roy Records, Local Advancers and other established artist in the Winnipeg market. The bar is set high for the young MC, and he’s ready to show the city what he’s got with his first project.

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