Carina Fernandes is a multi-disciplined, creative hurricane, known for her raspy and raw sound. She addresses social issues and dedicates herself to her community by combining her bubbly personality, her creativity and Rotterdam hands-on-mentality.

She is CEO of Spreading Positive Energy expressing as a poet, host, feminist and a realistic, practical dreamer. With her event Verbalism – “Connecting Creative Creators”  and as president of MM2me, her goal is to connect and guide creatives and artists.
After her debut in 2011, she has performed all over the Netherlands on stages such as Wantijpop, TENT, Paginagroots en Onuitgesproken. “We all have our stories to tell,” she says, ” And these tales, experiences aren’t merely ours. Our voices are those of many. All we have to do is speak up and let it resonate.”

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