Blackrockstar is an Urban Rock Artist, Social Entrepeneur and Talentcoach. He has been professionallyactive as a singer/songwriter since 2002 and has been performing solo and with his band RIVE in- and oncountries and continents such as Spain, Italy, the UK, Africa, USA, Germany and Holland. He has had ahuge interest in Lifestyle, Fashion and Music since he was a little kid categorizing songs, styles andeverything that moves the heart from a young age.BlackRockStar is the aka for Urban Rock Artist, Talentcoach and Author Rivelino Rigters. Known forbringing high energy to the stage when rocking with his band onstage. Capable of captivating a liveaudience with his charismatic presentation, elevating the atmosphere to another level. Started in thegospelscene as a choir singer, started his first band at 19 with his missionary friends from Philadelphia,started hiphop group MAD with some of his close friends, switched to Gospel Boulevard, did a year ofRonduit Gospel Choir and started his solo career as “Rivelino”. His 2nd hiphopgroup was called NOA, 2years later he Initiated the urban rock outfit RIVE and toured Italy, the UK, Africa, Germany, Bosnia andBelgium with all these acts. Performed at international clubs such as Paradiso, Melkweg, Bitterzoet,Heineken Music Hall, L’espace, Camden Pride, Le Pecore, Gelredome Stadium and more.Now he felt the time was ripe for his final solo project “The Blackrock Experience aka BlackRockStar”. Asa talentcoach Blackrockstar tends to help young talents discover and develop their talents in the musicrealm. As a social entrepeneur Blackrockstar dedicates his time to several organisations such as YoungIn Prison and the LOUD Academy, in which he helps young delinquents find their way back into societytrough a buddy project. He was also active for World Vision for several years and visited Africa for 3years in a row, making music with young kids that suffered or were affected HIV and famine. By givingmusic workshops to these youngsters he helped them express their feelings trough music, poetry anddancing. Currently he is busy with finishing his 3rd book and an accompanying album which are set to bereleased in the fall this year.Be on the lookout for this creative entrepreneur and be sure to check him out on

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