A Florida-born, Ashton Martin, grew up around various genres of music with a close family tie to Hip Hop, Gospel, Blues, and R&B-greatly influencing his sound today. His lyricism, deft arrangements​, and songwriting​​ abilities have landed him in the spotlight in the South, garnering ​critical acclaim from outlets such as 92.1 WJJN and Blazing 10​2.3 FM Radio Stations.
Martin started his career early, crafting his first project, “Silent But Deadly” (2012) when he was just out of high school. He began by handing out CD’s in his hometown ,which created a buzz and inspired him to take his craft more seriously. Since then, he has accomplished much in his musical career and has went on to release 2 albums with 1 album set to release March of 2019: Growing Pains 2 (2016), You’re Welcome (2018), Solid (future dated-2019). In 2015, Martin was nominated for “Best All Around Artist” at the YGEA awards in Atlanta, GA which led to a collaboration with TI’s Hustlegang artist, Translee. Summer of 2018, Martin successfully self-booked his first independent tour (You’re Welcome Tour) sponsored by Filthy Riche Clothing Company (GA) and Unique Designs Hair Salon (FL). This tour was so successful that it led him to the opportunity of opening up the Screw Fest in Houston, Texas sharing the stage with notable major artists such as Lil Flip,Lil Keke, and ESG.
Ashton Martin is currently a Brand Ambassador for Filthy Riche’ Clothing and Italian Brand, Frozen Picnic Clothing Company. Noted as “a standout artist” by Gill Gallery’s Alexander Gill Chenault, Martin has become highly sought after in the south, touring music festivals and events year-round.

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