Alana Maria ( Alana Maria Danielle Nkadi) , Born January 19th 2001, is a English singer, songwriter, from London, England. During her Early years, she used to sing, dance and act. This eventually turned into finding her passion in singing. Alana Maria turned 14 and began to sing on social media. This became a success which has led to her having a fan base of 26.5K followers on Instagram and also a fan base on Snapchat. Alana Maria has a strong interest in 90’s R&B music, Neo Soul, R&B, Rap and much more. Her Musical Influences vary from Kehlani, Rihanna, SZA, Tori Kelly, Beyoncé, SWV, H.E.R, and believes she can intertwine all elements of those artists into herself and become an artist embedded with uniqueness. Alana Maria aspires to be an artist to the world that inspires the youth and can make young females in this generation feel confident about themselves. She wants to show her supporters that they are no different to her; they can do anything they put their mind to and that they should love themselves unconditionally.

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