Is New Skool Rules every year?

New Skool Rules has always been once every other year, so we’ve done New Skool Rules in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 and now in 2017. The good news is though, that from  2018 onwards we will be yearly.

I’m an artist and don’t know anything about the business side of  of things. Is this conference for me?

Yes, this conference is for you. To to be successful in this Industry it’s important to know how the business works. Even if it is how to find the right team of professionals to handle that part. This conference will give you a lot of knowledge about how this Industry works.

It’s my first time coming to New Skool Rules what airport do I fly into?

You can fly into Rotterdam/ The Hague airport, which gets you the closest to the conference. From there it’s a 20-min car ride. You can then take a taxi to the conference or get a New Skool Rules package, which include pick up and drop off at the airport. You can also fly into Schiphol Airport (AMS) and take the train to Rotterdam Central Station, which takes you about 45 min. New Skool Rules also does pick-ups  at Rotterdam Central as part of the New Skool Rules package.

I’m taking the train to come to New Skool Rules, what station do I need to get out of the train?

Rotterdam Central station is in walking distance from the conference.

How can I apply for a showcase?

Go to the festival button you can press the button Showcase Application, fill in the form and sent it off.

How can I get a VVVIP conference/festival ticket?

Send an email to info@newskoolrules.com and put in the subject, “interested in a VVVIP conference/festival ticket’

I’ve heard people talking about VVVIP packages for New Skool Rules. How can I get one and what does it cost?

You can get the price for a VVVIP package by emailing to info@newskoolrules.com with in the subject, interested in VVVIP package. There is a limited number of packages available. The package include airport pick up and drop off, access to invite only events, VIP access to conference and festival and discounted nights at the conference  hotel.

Who organizes New Skool Rules?

Foundation Epitome Entertainment organizes New Skool Rules. Epitome Entertainment is nationally funded by Foundation Cultuur Participatie and locally by Gemeente Rotterdam.