Queen Kandi Cole is a brick solid product of the culture she chooses to represent. In blatant Hip-Hop fashion, one would describe her prowess as follows;

“…imagine Da Brat & Busta Rhymes got together at Auntie Lyte & Uncle Dilla’s house for Sunday dinner and cooked up a MONSTER!”

Kandi Cole is a Los Angeles born and raised emcee. Starting her career with the greats of Project Blowed, she was able to mold her style and cadence to solidify her place in Hip-Hop. Not just as a rapper, Kandi has used her platform to inspire those around her by becoming a true beacon of light. She is a Hip-Hop artist whose music has been described as straight to the point, raw Hip-Hop that revolve around themes of fun, love, self-empowerment, combatting social injustice, and experimentation. She chose early on to use her voice to make noise for those who couldn’t. Embracing the moniker ‘Queen’, she has taken on the effort to create songs that touch the masses and help move the culture forward by being as honest as possible; to the people who listen and more importantly, to herself.

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